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What Is Wrong With Being A Positive Black Man? (3821 hits)

Before I give my own answer to the question above, I should explain why one statement and two questions gave me reasons to write an entire essay. It would be very simple to ask different people the same question, but there are times that the scope of a situation should be broadened to get responses that are given from deep thoughts or from perspectives that show that there really is not a proper answer to a question that should not be asked.

I was told that my my website is very black. My response to that statement was that I am a black man. I was then asked why there were no white people, and my answer was that I had been misused by white people. My responses were not made to say that I hate white people at all. My responses were made to say that I love black people and the things that I am focusing on now are for the benefit of people that share my racial background. This conversation could have become very explosive, but I respect this man for who he is and the way that he carries himself. This man is not even close to being black, but me and this man have come to a point where we can discuss matters as two men that might not always see eye to eye.

This conversation made me ask the question “What is wrong with being a positive black man?”, because there seem to be an assumption that black men are somewhat racist when they speak highly of other black people or work toward mutual benefits of black people. Black men are looked at like they are segregating themselves from everyone else and the love that these black men try to share with their own seems to be looked at as hatred towards others. When black men tell other black men and women that we can gain ground by combining our strength, we are sometimes seen as threatening forces that are searching for less than positive outcomes. All black men are not looking for a fight and it is stereotypical thinking for others to believe that black men are always hostile.

All black men are not hostile, all black men do not use profanity, all black men do not want to quote Tupac Shakur or Lil Wayne, all black men do not have 22 inch rims on their cars, all black men do not look down on their women, and black are not inferior to anyone unless they believe that they are. All of the statements above are assumptions that others sometimes have about black men and it is a person’s choice to make any of these statements true in their life. The things that are mentioned above are usually opening introductions to those who can not see that there is much more to black men than what seems to be on the surface. The surface that is sometimes seen is not the surface of black men, it is a mirage that is very far from reality. When people believe that they have to change their persona to communicate with a black man it makes me ask the question “What is wrong with being a positive black man?”

Black men are people that face struggles that everyone else faces, but there are some struggles that are predominately faced by black men. There are struggles that some black men face that are uncommon for other black men. That does not mean that one black man is better than another because of their personal situation, it just means that they are different and it is differences that should make black men a diverse group of individuals that are full of potential. The big “I” and little “u” syndrome is another situation that makes me ask the question “What is wrong with being a positive black man?” Black men are men before they are anything else. Some are good men, some are bad men, some are great men, but black men are all men. A person’s manhood does not increase by pulling someone down because they want to be the only person seen. A person’s manhood does not increase because they are more fortunate than the next person. A person’s manhood increases as that person grows into a man.

I have mentioned how people who are not black men view black men. I have also mentioned how black men sometimes view other black men. The last view I want to mention is based on a conversation that I had with a man about his 12 year old son. His son is absolutely gifted and an inspiration to others. He is fluent in several languages, plays instruments, very adept with a computer and this child is full of ambition. The conversation was based on how to work with him, although I will not say what the results were from this conversation, I will say that me and his father saw eye to eye on several points. One point is that positive black men are needed to help guide our youth, and that positive black men are not always available when we are truly needed. There are several ways that we could/can help, but that does not mean that we are willing to for reasons that we feel are valid.

I was told by a white man that my website was very black. I was asked where the white people are by a white man. I was also asked where are the positive black men at on my website by a black man that was speaking on behalf of his 12 year old son. I believe that my response was that it is sometimes difficult to get black men to work towards common goals, but I was just making an assumption. I know that there are many positive black men and I would like for them to answer the question “What is wrong with being a positive black man?” Please share this with those men and let’s find an answer.

“What is wrong with being a positive black man?” I really could not answer that question, because I don’t see anything wrong with being a positive black man.

If you are a black man, share your answers here.

Emmanuel Brown is the owner and founder of He is currently working on Seeing Growth 365 – Black Women and Black Men in history on his website and seeking short biographies of positive black men and women.
Posted By: Emmanuel Brown
Wednesday, March 17th 2010 at 3:24AM
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Hey! All positive black men..step up I know you're out there! HELLO!
Thursday, March 18th 2010 at 8:43AM
Thanks for noticing MIISRAEL
Thursday, March 18th 2010 at 9:27AM
Emmanuel Brown
I was wondering when that would be said Irma. Considering the fact that black males have the power to speak and use their own voice. I hope I hear a few, but it is looking very grim from over here.
Thursday, March 18th 2010 at 10:01PM
Emmanuel Brown
Emmanuel, "I" find "I" can no longer hold my comment is on us that W-E refuse to promote our positive Black males...AS WE still GIVE THE POWERS THAT BE OUR FULL SUPPORT IN REPORTING ALL OF THE NEGATIVES...PROVEN / NOT PROVEN WHEN IS COMES TO OUR OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

it is as if we are waiting for the mass media to give us premission to force them to show our positive Black males as local community leaders and role models, because this is what we have been taught by the "MAN" to do. ("I" am not smiling)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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