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Say What You Mean - Mean What You Say (4143 hits)

When we want to get a point across, it is always best to express ourselves clearly. We have to say exactly what we mean and we can't change the meaning of our words when we are questioned about our statements. We have to stand behind our word, because it becomes our bond to those that receive it. Once a word leaves our mouth it becomes a part of history, and although history can be made, history can not be changed.

When we contribute to our history, our history should be a history that is solid, not a history that is unstable at best or a history that is full of unclear moments and actions. We should never settle for being unstable people that are unclear of the meaning of their own statements, what they stand for, and people that use words that carry no weight.

Everyone will not understand the meaning of the words that we say, but it is up to us to make our statements in ways that are clear enough for our chosen people to understand them immediately or with a little explanation. Even when people get the wrong meaning, we should have a response that is clear enough to support our original words without watering down our meaning for anyone. Diluted words are less potent than words that are pure, heartfelt, and unsugarcoated to sound nice and sweet.

Sweet things can be very pleasing at times, but they can cause very painful problems inside of our mouths and also cause our words to be just as rotten as the mouth that it came from. We have to be able to stand behind our words even when it would be easier to change them for a little more understanding or for more support.

Sometimes our words are all we have, so we to make our word our bond to be associated with something that is always real, to the point and truthful . We have to say what we mean and mean what what we say to be taken seriously. If we change our words we will change our minds, if we change our minds we will change our lives, if we change our lives who will we be.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

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Posted By: Emmanuel Brown
Thursday, January 8th 2009 at 11:15PM
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I guess you said what you meant.
Tuesday, February 17th 2009 at 4:00PM
Emmanuel Brown
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